• The Oilton City Park

    The city park is a very popular place to visit. The community uses it for a variety of activities as well as the local area churches and organizations. Over the last few years there have been different improvements like new childrens equipment and a new restroom facility in addition to the old pavillion being remodeled, it looks great. There are more plans for improvements in the future.


Welcome to Oilton

We now accept Credit Cards

at City Hall

We Are..

A small restful community in the heart of Oklahoma. We have a great K-12 school system plus a Head Start program.

Proud to have several community groups and all city departments. It's a great place to live!

Conveniently located: Oilton is just 45 miles west of downtown Tulsa; 35 minutes east of Stillwater; approximately an hour from Oklahoma City via the Turner Turnpike and Hwy 99; and only 12 miles south of Hwy 412 (the Cimarron Turnpike) on Hwy 99. The Hallett Raceway is located at the same exit on the Cimarron Turnpike.

Past Event

Thanks to the community for their support on passing the extension of the 2% sales tax for the sewer project

City Elections next Spring (2017)

New Ward Boundaries

New Ward Boundary Descributions

New Ward Boundary Map

"Creativity often consists merely turning up what is already there."
-Bernice Fitz-Gibbon


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City Hall
101 West Main Street
P O Box 400
Oilton, Oklahoma 74052
Phone: 918-862-3202
Fax: 918-862-3203
[email protected]

Police Information

108 West Main Street
P O Box 175
Oilton, Oklahoma 74052
Non-Emergency: 918-862-3662
Non-Emergency Dispatch: 918-352-2151 Fax: 918-862-3663

City Hours

    • Monday: 9a - 4:30p
    • Tuesday: 9a - 4:30p
    • Wednesday: 9a - 4:30p
    • Thursday: 9a - 4:30p
    • Friday: 9a - 4:30p
    • Closed on Weekends