Oilton Public Work Authority (O.P.W.A.)

Oilton Public Works Authority (O.P.W.A.)

Welcomes You!

This is City Hall where the Utility Bills can be Paid,
we would like for you to come by and get acquainted
with our procedures and policies. The office hours are
9:00am till noon then 1:00pm till 4:30pm
Monday thru Friday, our phone number is 918-862-3202.

The water and gas meters are normally read around the 15th
of the month. The utility bills are sent out the last week of the
month before the 1st and payments are delinquent pass the 10th.

There is a 10% delinquent fee if paid late, if not paid by the 20th,
there is a cut-off notice and a reconnection fee of $75.

New Customers

A new utility customer must fill out a complete application
in person with proof of ID for services needs.  A deposit will
be required which is refundable when the service is ended
as long as the account is in good standing.

Services available are:



City Hall
101 West Main Street
P O Box 400
Oilton, Oklahoma 74052
Phone: 918-862-3202
Fax: 918-862-3203
[email protected]

Police Information

108 West Main Street
P O Box 175
Oilton, Oklahoma 74052
Non-Emergency: 918-862-3662
Non-Emergency Dispatch: 918-352-2151 Fax: 918-862-3663

City Hours

    • Monday: 9a - 4:30p
    • Tuesday: 9a - 4:30p
    • Wednesday: 9a - 4:30p
    • Thursday: 9a - 4:30p
    • Friday: 9a - 4:30p
    • Closed on Weekends